AI Infused Chat Bot for all Businesses (SysBot)


Original Price: ₹10,000/month
Discount: 6.9%



• AI Powered Conversational Engines for Domain Specific Applications
• Our Improved AI Capabilities Along with NLP & ML Experience Helps to Understand Customer Queries Without Human Intrusion.
• Ability to Deliver the Conversational Model for FAQ Type Customer Queries and Long Discussions.
• SysBot has the Capability to Provide Proper Recommendation Results Based on the Natural Language Input Given By the Customer.
• Automatic Chat Log Tracking System Helps to Retrain the Bot, Which Helps to Increase its Performance.
• Serverless Architecture Making Use of AWS Lambdas and Step
• Functions Achieve Scalability and Reliability.
• Serverless Architecture Helps Zero Maintenance Effort.

• Pharma
• Real Estate
• Staffing & Recruitment
• Healthcare
• Retail
• E-Commerce

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