Personal Confidence Counselling


Product Price: INR 1500
Discount: 36%


Get your counselling, mentoring, consultation, Training, Self-analysis, Problem solving, etc; Under one of India’s Top 10 Human Brain & Business Psychologist – Dr. Vahini Reddy. She is known among the Top 50 in the World.

The Consultation would be charged per hour, either in person or on video call, as per the clients preferences.

We are providing a special discount to become your progress and solution partner.

Evolve ExcellenceTM provides comprehensive executive recruitment, human resources management services, business consulting services, corporate training and leadership training services for private and public sectors. We have seasoned professionals with 12 yrs of insightful experience in Human Resource Management and in Training and Development with world class credibility. Established in 2011, with HR and Training services we have catered prominent clients from various industries like, IT, ITES, Manufacturing and Educational sectors from different states in India. We partner with you to help you in identifying the best resource that can be included in your workforce to bring the change you want to see in your company. Also, we identify the training needs and serve you with international quality training to enhance and develop the human potential within the organization.

Further to add, we provided leadership trainings in MENA Region & European Countries with international quality. These trainings are being undertaken by globally accredited Trainers.

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